What You Eat Impacts Your Health

Nutrition is a large part of our anti-aging services in Steger, Frankfort, Chicago Heights, and New Lenox, IL

Everything you do affects how gracefully you age, including what you put at the end of your fork. Nutrition is sometimes overlooked as an important part of healthy aging. Dr. Asadullah understands the importance of eating healthy and supplementing your diet with useful vitamins.

Our lead homeopathic practitioner can help you prevent illnesses by honing in on your nutritional habits. Our anti-aging services will allow you to take charge of your health. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting our Steger & Frankfort, IL office today.

How to improve the aging process

Adding different vitamins to your health regimen could make a big impact as you age. Our anti-aging services are aimed at altering your diet and nutritional choices. What you eat has the ability to prevent illnesses and ease you into older ages. Our lead homeopathic practitioner will create a customized plan that could include:





Diet changes

IV therapy